The Giving Network

Additional Benefits

Social Media

EVERY video we produce will be featured on your Facebook page.  If you don’t already have a Twitter and Instagram account, we’ll create them for you.  EVERY production will be accompanied by a tweet directing folks to the video - and your website, and TGN.  EVERY production will include backstage photos for posting on Instagram. Facebook and Twitter.  We do a minimum of 5 social media postings every week.  All you have to do is share or retweet what’s on TGN.

Blog Posts

The script from your video blog IS your written blog.  Having the transcript posted as a blog increases your search engine optimization and gives supporters the option of reading rather than watching.

Re-purposed Video

Again, this is your video.  An annual fund promo video can be very expensive.  It involves a production team making several trips to your campus throughout the year to gather footage.  When that footage is being gathered regularly for promos, interview B-roll and event coverage - All you have to invest in is a few hours of editing.